WOD: 9-11-12

Strength:  100 Back Squats

WOD:  For time

500M Row (just arms)


Please read the following:

Hi All:
Jim Bode and I are looking for some players to join us for a  3-on-3 basketball tournament next Wednesday evening. The event is to support a great friend, Pete Frates,  and his battle with ALS. All playing levels are welcome.  Pete is a former standout athlete and team captain of the Boston College baseball team. Last year, at the age of 26, he was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). Please take a look at his story www.petefrates.com.  We are looking for people interested in lacing up the old Air Jordans and playing some hoop next Wednesday. The event is being held indoors at the brand new KROC Center in Dorchester. Please shoot me an email if you are interested in playing.
What:   3-on-3 Basketball Tournament to benefit the Pete Frates #3 Fund (petefrates.com)
When: Wednesday, September 12th from 5pm – 8pm
Where: The KROC Center – 650 Dudley St – Dorchester MA
Who:     Anyone that wants to play some ball to support a great guy and cause
Cost:      $25 per person
Please feel free to contact Ben to help in this great cause.
Let’s talk about the 100 Back Squats a bit.  It should feel a little something like this:
  1. My legs hurt from doing these first 30 Squats!
  2. My lower/middle/upper back muscles are getting tight from keeping my back so upright during these 60 Squats!
  3. Do the arches of my feet hurt?
  4. A second wind!
  5. My legs are tired again!
  6. Wow.  How do my arms hurt so much?
  7. With only 20 Back Squats left, it is time to mentally buckle down and push it!
  8. With only 10 reps left you realize you are out of breath, already sore, and your legs hate you.
  9. 100 reps and sweet, sweet success.
  10. Get ready for the Row

And if that sounds unpleasant, you do not want me to describe the JUST ARMS 500M Row for you,



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